Thursday, April 26, 2007


This is Parker's buddy Jayden Thomas Stanger. What a HANDSOME lad he is :)
My best friend Amber and her Husband Tommy had us out for supper last night. Parker ate garlic bread and played with Jayden. He was WAY into the aquatic toy that made bubbles and played music. He also liked Copper and Kirby, the 2 beagle puppies. He even got to take a bath there too!
I've already determined that these 2 kids are going to be best friends, just like their mommies - whether they like it or not :)

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Anonymous said...

My little man! Gosh they better be friends b/c they are going to have to hang out alot HAHAHA!!! I can just see Parker teaching Jayden all sorts of things! They will be 2 little rebels together! Just like thier momma's

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San Fwancysco

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