Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snappy Zoo

..."We're going down to Snapy Zoo, I wonder what we'll see. We're sure to find a zebra there as striped as one can be!" Parker LOVES this book about the animals at the zoo :) We read it over and over and over this morning before we left for daycare. He was sitting on the floor in the kitchen and I told him to read the book to mommy...so he started flipping throug the pages and naming the animals - it was SO CUTE! He has really been into books lately, just can't get enough of them. I am so happy to see that he enjoys reading!
Well, the decoraitons are up! As much as Parker didn't want to help me, he did. We had spaghetti for supper last night so he took a bath early and then thought it was time to read books and go to bed. Mom had another agenda. But, it was fine. He continues to be amazed by the lights on the tree. It is so special to see his eyes look with wonder.
Oh...and one more thing I accomplished last night - I cleaned out the silverware drawer. Grandma, if you're reading this I DID IT :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Colorful Christmas

I got up this morning and could just feel that it was cold out...yep, winter is here! I think we're supposed to get snow toinght. Yippee, one more thing I'll have to do now - shovel the sidewalk and driveway.

I'm still trying to get my house ready for Christams. I put the tree skirt on this morning while Parker was drinking his milk, he said "no" and didn't want it on. I suppose I'll have to put some presents out so he doesn't run off with it.

Parker was in the bathtub last night just loving his tubbie time...which reminds me that I REALLY need to call and get him in for a haircut. He is testing me so often lately - splashing in the tub, making annoying noises, banging things on the floor. I know, I know, it's just the start of him being a "boy". He helped me get a package ready to send off in the mail and colored the outside of the box, it was so cute! This child of mine is so precious.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

Parker wasn't so fond of the Christmas decorations last night. We both went upstairs to get the tree and he got excited, but then when I plugged the lights in he said "hot, hot" and raced off to find his books. So, the box of decorations is sitting in the middle of my living room floor. Maybe I'll have time tonight to get some things put out.

I'm trying to get all of my lists together for the holiday season, talk about intense! I did some serious journaling last night with some ideas. Except, I can't figure out why the list just gets longer, and longer, and longer..........

Monday, November 27, 2006

Blog...you're it!

I took the plunge and finally signed up for this "blog" thing! It's another one of those things I need to do - and got around to it today :)

I'm going home tonight to get the dusty old boxes out from the closet to start on the Christmas decorating. Parker has his own idea of "decorating" with his crayons lately. Little stinker colored on the wall in the hallway last week. Whenever we walk by it he says "uh-oh" now... my boy is already an artist. I love it, except part of me wants to run away becasue I know that many messes will come from this hobby.

I'm trying to figure out how to work this new site, bear with me as I explore this fun new thing I can now do to waste time sitting at my desk when I should be working!

Insider Clip

Parker's GAP video

San Fwancysco

The color quality isn't the greatest on this - but turn up the volume and listen to the excitement in Parker's voice about our trip next week!!!