Monday, April 21, 2008


We had a FABULOUS weekend celebrating Parker's birthday. As you can tell, we all enjoyed the outdoors, the Water Park, and just *being* together. We are so lucky to have such a loving family. I'm delighted that we can share these special times together and make lasting memories.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hip Hip Horray, today is Parker's Birthday!

"Can you believe it?" Parker said, "today is my birfday, I am this many (holding up 3 fingers)!"

It is shortly before 8 am and he has already eaten a BLUE cupcake (and licked the frosting spatula), is watching a movie, and anticipating the fun for the day at the WPOA.  Graham is out blowing up the blue balloons.  The rest of us are setting out our swimsuits.  Parker is playing with some of his new presents: a blue hockey stick, pucks (5 of them...I think we already lost one), a Spiderman throwing arcade, and a boxer stuffed animal (of course, his name is Bodde!).

Happy birthday to a *very special boy* named Parker who is 3 years old today!  From the moment you came into this world, you have changed our lives and touched our hearts forever.  I love you with all of my heart, Parker Duane!  May your day be as special as you are :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

4 more days...

until someone very special has a *Happy Birthday*. We're planning for a blue themed, Spiderman day - with lots of laughs, hugs, and love :)

We are going to the Water Park of America on Sunday to celebrate Parker's birthday - can't believe that is is going to be 3. Where does the time go?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Fling Open House at New Horizons

There was an open house at New Horizons last night (Parker's school). He had a BLAST! We did: art projects, cookie frosting + sprinkes (lots of them!), bunny hop racing, bean bag tossing, flower planting, and face painting. His friends Tommy, Matt, Bailey & Olivia were there - I'm amazed at just 3 years old that he has his "favorite" friends already.
We were on our way to school this morning - our conversation went something like this:
Parker: Is it a school day, mama?
Mama: Yes, Parker - today is a school day. TOMORROW is a home day.
Parker: Oh....(pause)...are we going to daycare?
Mama: Yes, buddy.
Parker: I yike daycare, mama. I'm in the rainbow room now, but not the babies anymore.
Mama: Yes - you're a big boy.
Parker: I am a big boy becasue I go potty. And I have to keep Spiderman dry, right?
Mama: Yep, keep Spidey dry, Parker.
Parker: Mama, I yuv New Howizons!
We do LOVE our daycare! I'm so content that Parker enjoys his days there. He learns, grows & plays so much. I'm thankful to be able to send him to such a wonderful center!
Happy weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Make a wish...

Happy birthday to one special sister + auntie!!!!! Hope your day is just as special as you are :) *please let it rain so you can wear your new raffie wellies!

Monday, April 7, 2008

(soon to be)...*Mr. & Mrs. Ruppel*

Congrats to Graham & Kellsey!!!!!

We have been waiting SO long for Graham to pop the question. And this weekend he did! Our family couldn't be more thrilled to welcome such a wonderful, loving, caring, amazing man to the Andries clan!

To the 2 of you - may you always find that *sparkle* in the little things that life brings. We love you both more than words can describe! CONGRATULATIONS.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Type A

We are busy unpacking boxes! I've made a "dent" on the piles that are stacked in the garage, but still have LOTS to do. I found some magnets last night and asked Parker to put them on the fridge for me. As you can see above, this is how he arranged them. He is definitely Type A! I was so proud of him :)
My sister sent me a cute email this morning:
Gosh Parker is just such a kid!! So smart and intelligent (just like his mommy!). I forgot to tell you a funny story. We were in the car driving to Grammy and Papa’s and Parker was really quiet in the back seat. Here was our conversation:

P: Quietly in the back seat, “kewshie?”
K: “Yeah buddy?”
P: “Wiw you marrwey me?”
K: with a huge smile on my face, “you want to marry me Parker?”
P: “yes, I wov you.”
K: “Of course I will marry you!!”
G: “Kid, you have some steep competition, I’m first in line.”
*smiles* - LOTS of them, when I read this!!!!!

Insider Clip

Parker's GAP video

San Fwancysco

The color quality isn't the greatest on this - but turn up the volume and listen to the excitement in Parker's voice about our trip next week!!!