Monday, June 25, 2012

best buds

parker & silas at the lake this weekend posing for a photo mid-squirt gun fight :) they have SO much fun playing together! they are best buddies. the 2 of them play and play the day away. so cute. so fun. so summer!

Friday, June 22, 2012

friday confessional

linking up with the blonde ambition for a new weekly challenge i'm going to try and participate in :)

1. i confess that i'm really glad it's friday and i'm only at work till 1pm.  it's been one of "those" kind of weeks.
2. i confess that i drank a cup of coffee this morning with almond joy creamer. yum. and i'm not so very pleased with the person(s) who thought it was OK to use my creamer without asking. so when i went to get it out of the fridge this morning there was JUST enough for me to have a taste. seriously. does marking a container with your name on it not count for anything anymore?
3. i confess that i've got a really messy desk right now.
4. i confess that i have a slight addiction to my iphone.
5. i confess that i'm super pumped that our friends are spending the weekend at the lake with us. and just a little bit excited for a campfire and smores ;)
6. i confess that there are more dirty dishes in the sink right now than i can even stand looking at. thank goodness for a little 7 year old boy who needs to do chores to redeem himself for irresponsibility.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

closet revamp

i'm pretty proud of myself. last weekend i got the itch to get my closet organized.  and that i did :)

picked up the hangers at TJMAXX (gosh i love that place!) i'm quite pleased with the results. and it's keeping me more organized and i actually WANT to put my clothes away now. crazy!

i've been reading some awesome blogs lately that are doing weekly outfit posts and challenges.  it's on my bucket list... :)  now that i'm organized, maybe it will push me to take some self-portraits.  maybe.



Sunday, June 17, 2012

it's summer :)

hard to believe it's the middle of june already! we are busy, busy, busy!

parker is enjoying baseball on M&W evenings. he is quite the little slugger :) it's fun to go and watch him. and get bleacher butt. man, how can sitting on a metal surface for 1.5 hours do that to you?

i'm working out like a mad woman. for reals. i come home and the first thing i do is hit the shower. sweat is good for the soul!!! and it makes me feel good.

i still think jason is the most fabulous man on the planet. he's amazing.  parker and i are SO incredibly lucky to have him in our lives!

i was updating this blog today...and for a brief moment though "who on earth reads this thing anyways". i've gone a good 6+ months without a post and nobody has said a word. i'm beginning to think its a waste of space in the internet world, and potentially a waste of my time.

oh well.

mister man is done with 1st grade.  1st grade, people!  hard to believe that this fall we will have a 2nd grader in our house. what a little ham, he is.  he learned SO MUCH. i'm loving that it is summertime and we can "relax" a bit :) (sometimes...when he asks me what i want to do, i say this to him...and then he uses it against me when HE is tired and wants to. it's funny. ok, maybe not to you, but it is to me). and we fully intend to spend a LOT of weekends at the lake.

my 2 boys have been busy fishing.  and loving it.

he's quite the little fisherman :)
those smiles are priceless!

oh yeah...and this little dude is 7 now!

that's all for now...

come back and visit.  soon.  mmmkay? 

Insider Clip

Parker's GAP video

San Fwancysco

The color quality isn't the greatest on this - but turn up the volume and listen to the excitement in Parker's voice about our trip next week!!!