Wednesday, January 28, 2009


He spelt his name out loud to me in the car this morning. Our conversation went something like this:
M: Parker, it's share day at school today...are you excited about that?
P: Yeah, mommy, I am.
M: What letter are you working on?
P: Llll, mommy. It goes down and over.
M: Good job, buddy. Are you working on your handwriting with Ms. Katie?
P: Yep, she picks 2 wetters from my sheet.
M: Oh, Ms. Katie picks the 2 best letter "L's" that you can write for her?
P: Yes, mommy. I already told you that.
M: I know you did, I just like to hear about what you do at school, bud. Do you know what letters are in your name?
P: My name is P for Parker. P-(pause)-A-R-K-E-(pause - insert Mommy helping with the last letter R)-R!
M: Wow, buddy - that is AWESOME! You can spell you name - you are so smart in the Sunshine room.
P: Yep, I am. And pretty soon I am gonna be a Qwest kid. But not yet, I yike being a Sunshine :)

I gobbled up his goodness this morning...THIS is what makes being a mom so rewarding :)


gk said...

YAY for P-A-R-K-E-R = gimme some suga!! I got tears in my eyes reading this :) Way to go bud-bud. Keep up the good work in the Sunshine room! Love, one proud auntie!

Rachel said...

Way to go Parker! You're getting so BIG!

Insider Clip

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