Tuesday, August 11, 2009

July in REVIEW!

Where, oh where has the summer gone? We have been B-U-S-Y! Here's a recap of our July:

**July 1st -- play date with Oliva + Bailey, Parker's friends from New Horizon Academy. They loved the splash pad and soaked up the summer sun.

**July 4th -- soaked up the St. Joseph parade with our good friends Sophie + Jess. And spent the rest of the day at their family cabin out near Freeport. Parker loved eating the watermelon!

**Tuesdays in July -- were spent on the T-ball field. Parker *loved* playing! He's already asking me to sign him up for next year. The coaches caught on pretty quickly that he was good hitter, so they PURPOUSLY placed him up last to bat so he could "run" in the other kids on the bases. He recites this often: Hands together, Feet together, T, muscle arms up, step, turn and throw!

**July 13-15 -- I spent 4 days in Chicago for work. My travel partner, friend, and co-worker Jess and I had a really good time "being" together. I miss her now that she's not my cube neighbor and at a different location. I am *THANKFUL* for our friendship! We at at 2 awesome resturants: Heaven on Seven and Frontera...they were both YUMMY! I can't wait to go back soon and visit again. I love that city.

**Thursdays in July -- parker participated in Gymnastics at a small little studio in St. Cloud. He loved the bar! He's quite the little tumbler :)

**Sundays in July -- Sartell splash pad. Parker calls this the fountain one. He loves being a little fish in the water. And keeps asking when HE can do swimming lessons. Classes are full until next year, buddy.

**July30 -- Parker went on his first "official" photo shoot for Proctor + Gamble. Stay tuned for his appearence in an advertisement for Crest/Oral B!

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