Monday, March 1, 2010

happy 1st day of march :)

Well...here we are, first day of March. I love thinking about warmer days ahead.

Parker is wonderful. I pulled out an old hat trick tonight on an infected finger of his: bread + milk. I was a terrible nail biter when I was little. My dad used to hook me up with one of his "remidies" of this sort. And the next morning those tender fingers would be all better. I guess its something with the yeast drawing out the infection. Anyways, dad - you'd be proud of me. Even though Grandma Esther doesn't remember this (it really is one of those things that will stay in our family)...she tought you well!

So about a month ago someone posted a REALLY annoying comment on my blog. Anonymous to boot. Just want to clear the air on this incident, becasue it really has not sat well with me. So, Anonymous person, this is for you:
  • Notice the title of my blog? It says: Abby + Parker, pretty sure that means this is not JUST a blog about Parker.
  • Notice that it is now a requirement to publish your name with a comment? Thanks for ruining it for everyone.
  • Notice how this is a PUBLIC blog and I can post whatever, whenever I want to?
  • Notice that you have a choice on whether or not you want to read what I post about. This is America, after all, a free contry to do whatever we please. I'm pretty sure the last time I checked I didn't need anyone's permission about what this blog consists of.
  • Notice that I am really bitter about this whole thing?

So for what it's worth, I feel better after getting that off my chest.

Ok - moving on. I'm feeling a bit better, but not 100%.

Went to the dentist this afternoon - found out that I have 2 cavities, 2 wisdom teeth that need removing, and an implant that my dentist HIGHLY recommended I start saving up for. Ouch. On a brighter note, my teeth feel sparkly. I love that "clean" feeling I have when I leave the chair.

For all you Bachelor fans out there -- did anyone other than Jake like Vienna? Sheesh...

GK - hope your honeymoon is wonderful. So jealous you are where it is warm! Glad you are safe from the scares of the tsunami (had to look up the spelling of this word an read up on what this acually is...thanks for the history lesson, you 2 :])

Its late, the morning will be here before I know it. And the pitter patter of Parker's piggies will start my day off with smiles, as always!

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