Tuesday, December 6, 2011

december daily: 12.01 - 12.05

December is here - yay! Love this time of year. And I'm documenting it. Here's the latest and greatest for these first few fabulous days:

12.01.11Caribou. The best way to start of any day. And the first day of the month seemed fitting to treat myself to a skim latte :)


I sent Parker into the living room/kitchen to make his breakfast choice. A moment later I hear him rustling in the cupboard, hear the microwave open and he asks "mommy - how many minutes do I need for my french toast sticks?" WHAT? Pause. Long pause. My little boy is making his own breakfast?! How sweet and cute. And incredibly smart this little dude is. We got out syrup (lots of it -- stuff tastes good that way) and he dunked those sticks so proudly. Love that he is figuring things out on his own. Ready or not, he's growing up fast.

Jason and I spent a good portion of the day (7 hours to be exact) at various stores doing our Christmas shopping.
Found this case at Best Buy and it made me giggle. Santa was scoping out the Kindle Fire's :)

Refuge Ball at The Waters Church! I hosted a table and sat with some fabulous ladies from our church and community. How lovely. It was delightful to engage in some girly conversation and get dressed up for the evening.


Giggles. Lots of giggles. We at dinner at the kitchen table. All 3 of us. I asked Parker to tell me one good thing about his day. He said "mini corn dogs for lunch". And then turned to J and asked him to tell me one good thing about his day. He said "I got to hang out with Springer (his best friend)". Followed by our yummy BBQ chicken and bacon with asparagus and texas toast supper (sidebar: do you know the first ingredient in BBQ sauce is high fructose corn syrup? I don't eat that stuff...its bad for you...just sayin) Parker got right to his sticker marker book reading and we snuggled up on the big chair in the living room. While the 2 of us were doing so, J disappeared. After P was done with his reading, he looked at me and said "Where did Jason go? Let's get him". So in true Parker fashion, we tip-toed down the hall and crawled through the closet to "sneak up" on Jason. And then proceeded to have a tickle war! And then we all sat around the island and ate ice cream.  Yum.  Parker: strawberries + blueberries.  Jason: peanut butter + banana + chocolate.  Me: Arctic Zero Cookes & Cream.  I loved our night together. It was quality time well spent. Conversations at the dinner table. Reading. Tickling. Loving. It makes my heart smile :)

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