Wednesday, December 7, 2011

december daily: 12.06

Received this email from Parker's teacher today.  What a great day!

And we were running late this morning - the car was parked outside (too much STUFF in the garage yet from moving, and it hasn't been too cold to need to be in there yet).  After a good 10 minutes of letting the car warm up and scraping the windows, I dropped Parker off at school. 

Went to a new class at the gym and it was awesome!  Love the challenge of circuits and cardio.

At the dinner table tonight, I asked Parker about his day.  He said "nothing".  Then got up from the table, went into his bedroom, and came out with something behind his hands.  And proceeded to say "mommy - this is for you, thanks alot".  It was a tardy slip.  Gulp.  I.felt.terrible.  Absolutely terrible.  I apologized and asked him what happened.   He said "I couldn't go to my classroom right away, I had to stop in the office.  I told them we were late because we were letting the car warm up since it was so cold outside".  I love him for being honest.  I love him for just going with it.  The unexcused tardy absence was a lesson for ME, not him. 

So yeah - thanks alot, mommy. 

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