Friday, December 9, 2011

december daily: 12.07 - 12.08

Wednesday.  Nothing extra-ordinary about today.  There are 18 days until Christmas.  Parker is enjoying the Countdown to Christmas activity on the fridge.  He peels back the days to reveal a cute little ornament on the tree.  He has also sorted all of the presents under the tree into "piles" of who they belong to.  He has a pile.  With 4 presents.  Jason has a pile.  With 3 presents.  Mommy has a pile.  With 1 present.

One of our morning conversations went a little something like this:
P: "mommy, can you get me a shirt with a wolf on it?"
A: "a wolf? like a real one or a fake one?"
P: "a white one. you know, with red and black on it."
A: "like the huskies?"
P: "YES! the st. cloud state huskies, you're so smart, mommy."
A: :)

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San Fwancysco

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