Monday, December 18, 2006

Pretty presents

Thought I would take a moment to share a photo of our Christmas tree. Parker looks at it and says "hot, hot" and is fascinated by the ornaments that hang from the branches. We are blessed to celebrate Christmas, and are thankful for:

The story of Jesus
Money to buy gifts
Time off from work
Eating our favorite christmas treats
A warm place to live

Here's a sneak peek at the presents too - I've really been into silk florals lately, and adorned our packages with them this year :) I feel like I'm ready for Christmas now - the cards are mailed, my shopping is finished, and there are 8 days until Santa comes! I just have to remember the milk & cookies and stocking presents!


grandma judy said...

you are one organized grandaughter and very good mom to Parker. he will be so much fun to watch open gifts.

The Kuehl's said...

Wow! Your tree is so adorable! I love it and your presents look like they came out of a picture book. You are one crafty lady! Does Parker leave the presents alone? Maddie's done well with leaving the presents...it's the ornaments that she thinks she needs to take off the tree and play with. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...you know you're sisters when you both have the same christmas tree topper! Love you and can't wait to see you Friday! Ohhh you're cookin Franky. Tell Parker that Bodde will be there too :)

Insider Clip

Parker's GAP video

San Fwancysco

The color quality isn't the greatest on this - but turn up the volume and listen to the excitement in Parker's voice about our trip next week!!!