Monday, December 4, 2006

Sleep, my child

Tired, dog tired. I try to be a super mom and soak up every minute of my child. I went in to check on Parker last night, just to see him sleeping, to cover him up and give him a kiss. I tip-toe into his bedroom and he wakes up from the rustling I cause trying to get his blanket untangled so he's not cold. He cries "mama mama, no ni-night". I fight him until 2:30 am...I learned my lesson. From now on I will look at him from the doorway and wisper that I love him. The trials of motherhood :)

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The Kuehl's said...

Oh...the days! Maddie did that to Kameron just last night! Only she was mad cause she wanted Mommy to cover her up! She did go right back to sleep though. We learned really quick to put WARM jammies on so that they can kick their covers off all they want! :) Love ya!!!!

Insider Clip

Parker's GAP video

San Fwancysco

The color quality isn't the greatest on this - but turn up the volume and listen to the excitement in Parker's voice about our trip next week!!!